Representing an icon in Coffee: ILLYXGI

Few coffee companies have such a following as Illy.
“I know people who refuse to go into a coffee shop if the Illy logo is not on the door. It has a customer base that trusts the brand exclusively. So when designing a coffee machine for Illy, you must take this very dedicated following in mind.”

So the Iperespresso design is based on that same simplicity. The forms are essential and create a background that draws attention to the coffee brewing area.

Particular attention has also been made in designing the housing of the opening mechanism for the capsule insertion.

Throughout the design process, Rezzonico Design met with Illy executives to see the design sketches, decide on the design details and to work together to create a beautiful design solution.

“People see Illy as an elite brand,” says Rezzonico, “so we did our best to make a coffeemaker that expresses Illy’s brand image.”

Illy Iperespresso is on the global market from Autumn 2009.